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Are You FINALLY Ready To Heal Mentally, Physically, Emotionally And Energetically?

  Welcome! I'm glad you're here. My name is Jason. I work and have worked with just about every health challenge & issue imaginable. My commitment is to assist as many people through their own individual healing processes as possible. I will do whatever it takes on my side, then it's up to you!

  I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Dating & Relationship Coach, and Addiction Specialist, who has been studying various forms of alternative medicine & healing for the last 20 years. People have often stated the best way to describe me is a broad-spectrum Holistic Medicine Consultant & Practitioner. I have been officially seeing clients since 2003. 

  As someone who has had to overcome my own health issues, with no legitimate help from anyone else, I fully understand firsthand how frustrating it is when you can't seem to get the right answers from anyone, no matter how hard you try.

  I integrate as many or as few healing modalities as needed to cater to and treat each client as an individual. I use a combination of knowledge, skills, talents, experience, and intuition to help people heal themselves of just about any ailment, or simply help them to be the healthiest they can possibly be. 

About Holistic Medicine & Healing:

  During a Holistic Medicine Consultation, I may integrate any combination of supplements, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, the right foods and the right type of water. Also important is the proper form of exercise, using a Far Infrared Sauna (TheraSauna or Clearlight Sauna brand), Structural Integration Therapy (Rolfing), and/or any other means I see fit to personalize the session for each individual client.     

  Some may also call me a 'Medical Intuitive', as I also seem to have the ability to help clients figure out what's wrong with them even when they themselves don't know. 

  I also make it a point to constantly & continuously mainstream/conventional medicine, pharmacology, psychiatry, psychology, & sociology, so that I can already know as much about my client as possible when they first come see me, or talk to me over the phone, so that I can then help them heal to the best of my ability. 

About Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy:

  Hypnosis is nothing more than a relaxed state that we all go in and out of several times a day, every single day. Whenever we're daydreaming, really getting into a TV show or movie, driving on the road, 30 minutes before falling asleep at night, or within the first 30 minutes of our waking state in the morning. All of these are states of being in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is just utilizing this relaxed state in a positive way to plant positive suggestions in the subconscious mind for positive change.

  Since hypnosis is simply a relaxed state of mind, you NEVER 'lose control' or 'lose awareness'. You can NEVER be made to do anything you wouldn't normally do, or anything that goes against your morals, values, or ethics. What you see on TV or 'stage shows' is simply people who love attention and use the stage as their 'outlet' to be able to do 'fun' things. Most of us would reject those suggestions, and the 'stage hypnotists' already know which of the people would 'play along', because they're always the ones raising their hands saying 'pick me', 'pick me'.

  During hypnosis, you can always reject a suggestion if you don't like it, and you can also get up and walk out of the room anytime you want, even during the actual hypnotherapy session.

  Hypnosis works by opening up the shield between the conscious mind and subconscious mind, which is what happens in a relaxed state, and planting positive suggestions directly into the subconscious mind for positive change. Around 88% of our mind consists of the subconscious, and only around 12% is the conscious mind. When we try to change our habits on our own, it rarely works because we are only using our conscious mind (the 12%), which is responsible for will , decision making, reasoning, logic. In order to induce quick & permanent changes in any habit or pattern we'd like to address, we must do it at the source, which is at the subconscious mind. This way we're using 100% of our mind. This is exactly how hypnosis works.

  My approach is different that most other hypnotherapists out there, because I use a very individualized plan and system to treat each client as the unique individual they are. Most other hypnotherapists use a cookie cutter approach to where they will use the same or very similar methods of hypnosis, no matter who the client is. This will only work for certain clients, but will nowhere near work for every client. I, on the other hand, am able to quickly figure out the best way to hypnotize someone based on how their mind takes in information, and exactly what suggestions to use and how to relay them to the client during hypnosis.

  Hypnotherapy helps with hundreds of different conditions, such as weight management, smoking cessation, stress, anxiety, fears, phobias, mood issues, addictions, habits we'd like to break, sleep issues, pain management, memory, sports enhancement, test preparation, anticipatory anxiety such as going to the doctor, dentist, or giving a speech, childhood traumas, PTSD, ADD, OCD, relationship issues, sexual issues, health concerns, brain reprogramming to earn more money, and a host of other things!

About Energetic Healing:

  Much of the time, PERMANENT healing will only occur when you hit it at its highest level, the Spiritual or energetic level, as it will then trickle down to the mental/emotional level, and then to the physical level. I utilize ONLY scientifically proven (via quantum physics) energy healing techniques. I will combine these healing techniques (and teach you how to apply them), with each session. Yes, this can all be done over the phone, except (obviously) for the part where I would physically apply the healing techniques ON you. That part can only be done in person, but once again, I will still TEACH them to you over the phone so that you can apply them to yourself.

About Dating & Relationship Coaching:

  First, let me say that my approach to dating & relationships can be considered quite non-traditional in many ways. Over the last 15 years, I have worked with some of the best experts in this field. I've taken ONLY the best of the best and thrown out all the stuff that simply doesn't work. You see, my first and ONLY goal is making sure you are happy & healthy, working with whatever it is that makes and allows you to be your TRUE self.

  What this means is that you may currently possess certain psychological blocks that keep you from having the love you truly desire. Having said that, some people are simply not 'wired' to be with just one person for the rest of their life. STOP THE STIGMA! IT'S OK! Part of my job, if you're confused about that, is to help you figure out whether you have blocks from obtaining a happy, monogamous relationship, or you're simply not wired that way. Once we figure that out, the SAME rules apply to both dating and relationships if you want to be truly happy. Cheating is NEVER the answer! All it does is create misery for both you and your partner. But the good news is, from what I teach, you'll NEVER have to cheat to get your physical and/or emotional needs met. It's all about releasing blocks and discovering who you truly are and how you're wired.

  As far as dating, first, I can help you figure out your patterns of who you've been choosing, and help you break those negative patterns. Secondly, I can teach you how to quickly tell on the FIRST DATE whether or not you should ever see that person again, so that you're not wasting both your and their time. Using that knowledge, I can teach you how to build a happy, healthy, successful relationship with that person to where both of your needs are getting met.

  As far as relationships, I teach you the 5 elements of a successful relationship (mutual trust, friendship, passion, love, respect), and the 3 prerequisites to attain and maintain those 5 elements (communication, commitment, compromise). As I stated earlier, these rules apply whether you're 'wired' for a monogamous relationship or an open relationship. As you may or may not be able to imagine, it is MUCH HARDER to attain & maintain an open relationship.

About Addiction:

  I have gone through formal training for Addiction Counseling; however, my work with addicts as an addiction specialist started long before that. I combine everything I've learned through both my own life experiences, as well as having helped countless people overcome the vicious cycle of addiction. My job here is to figure out which methods will work best for YOU in breaking YOUR vicious cycle.

  ANY program of recovery, in order to be successful, must include ALL elements of addiction, including the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements, as well as healing all factors that got the person addicted in the first place, including and especially working to help the ENTIRE family heal, as addiction is a FAMILY disease. 

  Addiction is a chronic, progressive, relapsing brain disease, and it is NOT YOUR FAULT!  This is because once addiction hits, the lymbic system of the brain (responsible for instinct & survival) hijacks the pre-fronal cortex (responsible for logic, reasoning, decision making, logic, & rationalization), so the addict actually loses the ability to manage these features. And pretty soon, the lymbic system gets tricked into believing the addict actually needs the substance or behavior for survival. The substance or behavior then becomes the primary source of survival. This is why addicts will lie, cheat, steal, and even hurt people in order to get their 'fix'.

  I'm here to help you with whatever you need to be the happiest, healthiest, most successful person you can be! 

  I've conducted lectures and workshops across the country on several areas of natural health, as well as have written articles and advertorials for several newspapers and magazines. I also had a radio show called 'Holistic Health & Healing' on Adrenaline Radio which is now available on podcast.

  I'd be happy to perform a lecture or workshop for your group, whether it's work related, social, religious, or any other type of group. I can also appear on your TV or radio show.

    I am proud to have had thousands of clients over the years, all over the country, and am blessed that I've been able to help them to heal whatever it is that had ailed them.

  I currently see clients in person, if you happen to be in the area I'm in at the time (I travel a lot), as well as at their homes or offices. Since I do travel often giving lectures, I also conduct phone sessions all over the country.

  You can check out my new book, "Get Thin for Life", now available on Amazon. Also feel free to check out some of my testimonials on the next page.

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  You can contact me at either the phone number or email address below.

To your health & happiness...

Let's walk this path together! 

Jason Teichner, CHHP, CHt
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